Sliverback Stout (The Unknown Brewing Co.) Guest Review

The Unknown Brewing Co. Silverback Stout

By Guest Reviewer James Kennington

    As a lover of all things hoppy, it's only once in a blue moon that a dark beer, be it a porter, stout, or anything in between, will catch my fancy.  When that blue moon does shine, when a dark-brown beauty makes its way to my palette, I'm usually not disappointed.  Upon recommendation from the friendly fellows at my local Main St Bottle Shop, I gave the Silverback Stout from The Unknown Brewing in Charlotte, NC, a try.  

    Poured into a pint glass, this beauty of a brew created a short, creamy, tan head.  On the nose, notes of mocha and vanilla, mixed with hearty grain prepare you for quite a treat.  I must mention that the brewers used 7 different grain varieties in this beer, and boy does it show through.  On the palette, those grains come through in their roasted form, slightly burnt but sweetened with that same note of vanilla from the aroma.  Along with the grains, a slight bitter aspect makes its appearance, coming from the West coast hops, bringing a smile to my face: it's nice to be reminded of my love for hops while sipping on a stout.  The most interesting note on the palette is that of the sour milk.  I know that may seem a bit off-putting but you'll warm up to it and find yourself coming back for more with each sip.  The finish is medium and leaves a memory of the roasted grains and a touch of the hops.  

    After finishing my glass of Silverback Stout, I decided to learn a little bit about the brewery from which it hails: The Unknown Brewing Co.  Located in the northern parts of South End Charlotte, Unknown Brewery and the people that drink its beer love exploring the "Unknown" and trying new things.  So enamored by new things are the brewers, that every Sunday they debut a new trial beer.  Some of Unknown's lineup beers were once one of these one-off brews.  They also offer a "Bike-and-Brew", where you can ride your bike around the city, drink good beer, and help out causes like the National MS Society.  If you want to know anything more about this awesome brewery, go check them out at